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Renew, refresh and reinvent your way to wellness one step at a time. Get Fit & Functional For Life!®

Nobody has a better vision of who you really are than you.  

We bring together women of vision. 

Women who want to redefine the picture of health, carve a new path to wellness and build a solid foundation for mind-body-soul  wellness in community with other women.

In our circle we work together to make healthier lifestyle choices, master our mindsets, support each other, inspire each other and welcome the second stage of our lives with more joy, energy, focus, inspiration and imagination.

We achieve together what is impossible to achieve alone.


What if you could...

Create a morning routine that helps you focus, make time for exercise and enjoy simple, healthy meals every day?

Learn meditation skills to boost your energy, handle stress better and be more productive without spending thousands of dollars for an expensive retreat?

Lose weight without starving yourself, manage your hormone changes and feel good about your body again at any size without surgery, medication or expensive treatments? 

Be emotionally present for your children or be a caregiver to your aging parents without sacrificing your health and burning out? 

How would that make you feel?

If healthcare these days feels overwhelming, confusing and conflicting, don't worry because we're here to take the journey with you, one step at a time.  

Our Community Is Perfect For You If:

  • You need a reboot and refresh and don't know where to start
  • You believe health is a state of physical and mental well-being
  • You want to put an end to negative self talk, doubt and fear
  • You want small steps, steady progress and habits that stick
  • You want to ditch the one-size-fits all, quick fix fad-diets that don't work
  • You want the tools for better gut health, a stronger immune system, restful sleep and better focus
  • You want to get better at boundaries to master your stress  
  • You want a safe space to be open, honest and authentic to finally crush the doubt and overcome the fear in the places of your life that scare you

Who says a BMI of 22 is healthier than 30?

Who says the gym workout is the only one that matters?

Who says that happiness doesn't count?


 We believe good health is so much more than the weight on a scale and that fun doesn't end at fifteen.

A Peek Inside Your New Community!


If joining something new feels scary, don't worry. This is a safe, judgement free zone where we celebrate small wins every day.  

Why You'll Love It:

You know that real transformation is impossible to achieve alone.

You know community is more important now than ever before

You know human connection is the key to good mental health. 

You know there's power in  real community and real conversation

You want the joy that comes from working together on common goals.

Click HERE to see what you'll get inside!



What You'll Enjoy:

  • Most importantly, we are a calm, safe and private, members-only community
  • No ads, no trolls, no memes, no algorithms, no collecting or selling your data 
  • A space to grow without any of the toxic stuff you find on social media

Your FREE gift when you join:

What members are saying:

Your Community Host 

Angel V. Shannon, MS, CRNP is a personal development keynote speaker, board certified nurse practitioner and founder of Seva Health and the Seva Institute. Her inspiring presentations are drawn from over two decades of clinical practice and lifetime of study of integrative health and mind-body medicine. In her engaging workshops and seminars she teaches people how to use the tool of mindfulness to reduce stress, change their relationship with food, become aware of self-sabotaging behaviors and ultimately establish a strong foundation of healthy habits for continuous improvement in every area of their lives. 

Angel doesn't just talk about lifestyle medicine, she lives it. As a student of T'ai Chi Chuan and certified hatha yoga instructor, she is a pioneer in weaving both wisdom traditions in her clinical and private coaching practice. In 2019, she founded The Seva Institute to bring these ancient contemplative practices into the corporate environment by leading workshops in mindfulness based stress reduction to help participants overcome work related stress, develop inner resilience and foster a culture of embodied leadership

A graduate of the University of Maryland and a member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, Angel's talks, teaching and clinical practice are always one part science and one part storytelling as she inspires her listeners with stories of the hundreds of people she's helped successfully lose weight, reverse chronic health conditions, get hormones in balance and rescue their mental health to get Fit & Functional For Life! Angel is the host of Healthy Housecalls with Angel, a podcast filled with tips, tools and strategies to live longer and live better with lifestyle medicine. 

Community, conversation, courses and caring. 

Get ready to unlock your potential, master new skills, make more well-informed decisions, forge new relationships, build healthier habits and achieve the kind of transformation that is impossible to achieve alone.




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