Welcome to The Seva Circle

Who would you be if you spent the next 3 months designing the life you deserve?

Are you tired of chasing the same goals every year and never achieving any of them? 

Are you frustrated, living the life you've been told you should  have and not the one you actually want to live?

Do you wake up feeling afraid to stay but afraid to leap into the life you really want?

Is life just starting to feel like one vicious cycle of tired, wired and uninspired?

We get it.

It's time to design the life you deserve instead of wishing, waiting, and settling for the life you've been told you should  have.

Every woman has a vision of who she wants to be.

A woman who feels good in her body.

A woman who can say 'No' without a shred of guilt. 

A woman who knows that one bold decision made at the right time has a way of changing everything.


And I'll bet you're that woman with a vision but....

The 'Should Life' is robbing you of the time you need to think about the life you really want 

Every day there's something else you SHOULD be doing, somewhere else you SHOULD be, and someone else telling you what you SHOULD be grateful for

And in the midst of it all, real stress has your mind, mood, and metabolism in a vicious cycle of worry, weight gain and sleepless nights

You need a change

You need support

You need a circle of women who understand

Hi, I'm Angel Shannon, founder and executive director of Seva Health and The Seva Institute where we put mindfulness and compassion in action to live longer and live better

I created The Seva Circle for women of vision

Women who need support and accountability on their real life goals

Women who want to reinvent themselves stronger, wiser, more confident and more courageous

Women who want to build a solid foundation of mind-body-spirit wellness in community with other women

Women who can hold the intention of making other women feel seen, safe, heard and held

Women who want a space free from judgement, competition, expectation, pressure and noise


What You Will Enjoy

  • The calm, safe and private, members-only community that modern women need

  • A woman-affirming space to grow without any of the toxic content you find on social media

  • No ads, no trolls, no memes, no algorithms, no collecting or selling your data 

  • No corporate censoring of what can you share

The Seva Circle is a safe and private space for women like you to renew, refresh, and reinvent your life one step at a time

Through courses, group coaching, and community you'll manifest the vision of who you really are

You'll find your way back to healthier mealsbalanced hormonesrestful sleep, and energizing fitness that brings you joy without worrying about the numbers on a scale

You'll ditch the 'Should Life' once and for all


What You Will Experience

Immediate Access to Our Design The Life You Deserve™ Self-Paced Course to Clarify, Craft, and Create A Bold Vision For Your Life

Immediate Access to Our 21 Questions For Extraordinary Goal Setting Course To Start Supercharging Your Goals

Bi-Weekly Mastermind Support Circle To Gain The Accountability You Need to Accelerate, Execute, and Manifest Your Vision

Monthly Sit, Sip, & Co-Create Meet-Ups To Continually Refine Your Vision In Community With Other Creative Women

Priority Registration to Our Design The Life You Deserve™ Retreat to Renew, Refresh & Restore Your Well-Being

Community Table for Recipe Sharing, Meal-Prep Support & Classes In Culinary Medicine 

Self-Paced Courses in Hormone Health, Seasonal Herbal Wellness And Functional Nutrition

Wine & Wellness After Dark: A Quarterly Conversation On Intimacy, Relationships & Health

Access to Our Writers & Readers Circle: Writing As Self Care

12 Weeks To Wellness: Group Coaching Circle for Weight Loss Success & Foundational Health

 Career Success Circle: Accelerating Your Career Without Burnout

...and so much more

What You Will Learn 

The Seva Circle Power of 3s

What if you could...

Create a morning routine that helps you focus, make time for exercise and enjoy simple, healthy meals every day?

Learn meditation skills to boost your energy, handle stress better and be more productive in your life?

Lose weight without starving yourself or disrupting your hormones and feel good about your body again without surgery, medication or expensive treatments? 

Be a caregiver to your aging parents without sacrificing your health and burning out? 

You can achieve all of that and more right here

In the Seva Circle you will:

  • Renew your mindset to overcome negative self-talk and limiting beliefs

  • Reignite your spark to manage your mental energy and maintain healthy boundaries

  • Revive woman-affirming rituals that make the ordinary sacred again and bring more meaning into your life

  • Refresh your spirit on annual retreats that restore creativity, movement, and radical self-compassion practices that breathe life into your body and make you feel alive again

  • Revitalize your life with nutrition that nourishes your body, balances your hormones, restores your metabolism, and helps you age with grace

  • Reinvent your career to enjoy work that celebrates your voice and value; that builds you up, not burn you out

  • Restore a sense of connectedness in your life with a circle of women who inspire you and support the vision of the woman you truly wish to be


The Seva Circle Is Perfect For You If:

  • You need a reboot and refresh and don't know where to start

  • You believe health is a state of physical and mental well-being

  • You want to put an end to the negative self talk that's been holding you back in your life

  • You want small steps, steady progress and habits that stick

  • You want to ditch the one-size-fits all, quick fix fad-diets that don't work

  • You want balanced hormones, a healthier gut, a stronger immune system, restful sleep, and better focus

  • You want stronger boundaries and real tools to manage your stress  

  • You want a safe space to be open, honest and authentic to finally overcome the fear in the places of your life that scare you


What You Will Gain

Personal transformation that is 

impossible to achieve alone

Connectedness that is 

more important now than ever before

Clarity that comes from conversations about 

what really matters in your life  

Courage that comes from achieving success in

community with others

Click HERE to GET IMMEDIATE ACCESS to your reinvention resources inside!

Start your journey today and get immediate access to your Vision to Victory With Powerful Vision Boards Course + Design The Life You Deserve™ Reflection Journal (digital)- a $297 value!

Your first two weeks are absolutely FREE!

Along with our welcome gift to you when you join

Be Good To Yourself Porcelain Mug

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Angel V. Shannon, MS, CRNP

Angel V. Shannon, MS, CRNP is a is a personal development keynote speaker, board certified nurse practitioner and founder of Seva Health and The Seva Institute. Her podcasts and inspiring presentations are drawn from nearly three decades of clinical practice and lifetime study of integrative health and mind-body medicine. 

Through courses, coaching, community and compassion practice, Angel teaches overworked professional women how to break free from burnout and gain the clarity, courage and confidence they need to design the life they deserve.  Angel is also a mom, wife, start-gazer, green thumb, tree hugger and eternal optimist.

Find Angel on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and her website.

Valissa Pierrelouis

Leadership Coach and Founder of Standout Career Guide 

Community Moderator of Standout Career Circle

Learn more about Valissa Pierrelouis on her website and on LinkedIn.

Community, conversation, courses and caring

Get ready to unlock your potential, master new skills, make more well-informed decisions, forge new relationships, build healthier habits and achieve the kind of transformation that is impossible to achieve alone.



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